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About Cotton Barons

Cotton Label

About Us

The '90s

One Day

Aga’s Grandmother received a present from her neighbour. It was a plain shopping cotton bag, an amazing gift that changed her family's life forever. Her Grandmother was business-minded and a risk-taker, who showed this innovative product to her children. It was not only the item but the idea behind it, which was picked up by Aga’s parents. It led to them starting a fully operational production line in the late 90s.


The Beginnings

The open mind and courage of Aga’s husband, along with her ability to work hard and her persistence in achieving goals, which she inherited from her parents, contributed to creating Cotton Barons in 2007, a London based company with a production house in the EU.

Made in the EU

As sourcing is very important to us we make sure that the materials we use are of high quality and meet the safety, ecological and ethical standards. The fabrics undergo strict quality controls with proven safety for people, children and babies and meet the human-ecological requirements. The inks that are used for printing are high quality, tested for harmful substances and are certified to be used on the textiles. We are proud that our bags are ethically manufactured, with excellent working conditions where European Union Trade and Production Laws are followed and respected.

Big Names

We manufacture for big names like the British Library, Nike or John Frieda. But not forgetting about our Clients who are just starting their businesses and who we proudly watch growing. No Customer is too small or too big for us. We work with Clients varying from little home-based operations to large worldwide known companies. We assist and help in different projects from very basic to more complex.


About Us

Cotton Barons is a friendly team of people from different walks of life adding something special to the whole company. We work hard, push ourselves and engage in fruitful conversations. We truly believe that almost everything can be wrapped in cotton. From earrings to loudspeakers, from chocolates to trousers. We also know that cotton bags can be a part of many celebrations. From birthdays to weddings. From festivals to the launching of new businesses. We take pride in our growing range of products and we are not afraid to take on new projects that our clients come to us with. Each and every day brings new ideas to our desks. Creativeness, patience and willingness characterize our team. With Cotton Barons Cotton Possibilities are Endless.

Cotton Products

Our products are made for customers. Fashionable, recyclable, durable as well as elegant and classic, made according to the individual's requirements and needs. Every cotton item is made from scratch from carefully chosen materials. We care about our clients. They are the driving force of our business and we know we would never exist without them. This is why we listen and always reflect on their feedback.


Moving On

Cotton Barons became part of Cornflower Limited in June 2020. Cornflower is a leading designer and supplier of products to museums, heritage sites and charities and was a major customer of Cotton Barons. We liked the bags, the quality, and the ethos of Cotton Barons so much, that we bought the company! Operating out of a warehouse in Newbury, but still manufacturing cotton products in the EU, we have retained Cotton Barons staff and all the expertise and knowledge that makes Cotton Barons what it is today.
cotton zip bags from Cotton Barons
cotton zip bags from Cotton Barons
cotton bags from Cotton Barons
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cotton bags from Cotton Barons
cotton bag production from Cotton Barons
Screen Printing at Cotton Barons
Cotton Barons Logo

Cotton Barons

Unit D, Castle Industrial Park, Castle Way, Newbury, Berkshire. RG14 2EZ


Our website has been created in order to design cotton products smoothly and effectively. Browse the website to find a suitable product as per size, purpose or create your own. If you have a special request we invite you to contact us. Customer care is at the heart of our company. Patience, attentiveness and clear communication are the principles of our business.

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