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What Cotton Products are Found in the Hotel Room?

14 August 2017
Cotton Bags For Hospitality - Cotton Barons

I have been impressed by constantly increasing range of products for the hospitality sector made from cotton.

Cotton products are decorative and they add character, value and elegance. They are respectful of the environment. At the same time, they are great reminders and souvenirs for guests.

Not such a long time ago the only item in the fabric bag, which could be found in the hotel room, was a hairdryer.

It has changed so much since that.

Now your car keys are securely stored in the tiny embroidered cotton valet pouch while your vehicle is valeted. A cosy and safe place for the bunch of keys. What a perfect idea and a reminder of the stay in the exclusive hotel.

The hotel breakfast is a delight, especially the one served on the tray in the room. Freshly baked bakery goods are packed in the cotton bread bag made of 100 % Oeko Tex certified cotton. What an amazing and natural pairing of cotton and bread. It could not have been thought through better.

The morning newspaper, which is such an important part of the hotel stay, hangs neatly and securely in the newspaper cotton bag. There is no worry about stepping on it or feeling uncomfortable if the title on the front page is not to other guests’ taste.

I cannot just imagine a smarter way of delivering freshly washed clothes than in the cotton laundry bag. Nicely folded and securely tied. No more swishing sound of transparent plastic wrapping.  

I am so happy that we are finally able to take the soap bar in the waterproof nylon pouch. It is such a thoughtful idea. No more waste of just unwrapped soap. Personalised with a delicate logo, it is a great reminder of the luxury stay.

What I really like at high-end accommodations are the cotton zip bags filled with all the latest sample cosmetics. Neatly presented.

Another cotton product introduced by the hotel is a slipper bag, which is a convenient way of carrying the shoes, very hygienic and at the same time elegant way of carrying the slippers to the hotel spa.

While participating in the meeting, all the folders are given in the cotton conference bag. They are cleverly made with long or short handles for men who much prefer carrying the tote in hands than over the shoulder.

What I am even more proud of is the fact that all the products are produced by us – Cotton Barons. All items made as per hotel‘s specifications, matched to hotel’s feel décor.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in any cotton product for the hospitality sector.

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